Growing up in the northwest town of Southport, on a diet of rock, metal and grunge, shaman completely missed the explosion of dance culture that swept the UK throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s. It wasn’t until 1995, during an enforced return from his first year at university, that his eyes were opened to the power of the electronic music. He was instantly hooked and upon returning to university in Hull, he quickly became immersed in promotions, organising free house and warehouse parties in the city.

After a post-graduate break from all things music, he arrived in London in 2000 to start work and soon found himself gravitating towards the music again, only this time with a focus on getting behind the decks. A tax-rebate later, shaman invested in a pair of decks and started buying ‘breaks’ vinyl, spending a few years practising and playing at parties before finally his first proper gig at Inigo, Clapham in early 2005. Within 6 months, he and a group of friends started Urban Nights at the now defunct Pool in Shoreditch, which gained a reputation for providing a friendly vibe, experimental visuals and damn good music.

You never really know what to expect from a shaman set.

Except it will be broken!